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 Top 10 
HornHåkan 166.45
Robin 157.76
Patrik B 156.61
hedvig 155.12
zico 154.76
jorgenf 143.73
Erkan 143.53
jejjje 142.68
Mzago Bombese 142.32
10 Kicka 140.50

What is zico.se?
Here you can predict all the matches in the Champions League 2019-20. It’s mainly about guessing better than your friends, not so much about getting it right. It’s free of charge to participate, but nonetheless; the prize is a selection of Swedish made chili sauce from our sponsor! And each group can of course give a prize to the best better within their group. Zico is open for everyone; you don’t have to be a football fan to take part. Welcome!

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